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Drama Practice

Enriching People’s Lives Through Arts Education in Tucson, AZ

What We Do

Arts for All, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been inspiring children to participate in the arts since 1985. In 1998, we added an Adult Day Program where adults bond with new people and gain self-esteem. Our team also offers creative programs, including Out-of-School Time activities and Summer Arts Camps. We are leaders in providing accessible arts education in Tucson, AZ, particularly in the Greater Tucson Metro Area

Why It’s Important

The arts enrich the lives of everyone, which is why we work with individuals. It allows people to have creative experiences that they would not otherwise have. Our hands-on approach to drawing, painting, pottery, music, dance and Drama instills creativity in the people we assist daily.

Fry’s Food Community Rewards Program

How to Re-Enroll:

1. Visit Fry’s Community Rewards website.
2. Click “Sign-In.”
3. Enter your email and password, then click “Sign-In.”
4. Click on your name (top right-hand corner) under “Account Summary” and scroll down to “Community Rewards.”
5. Click “Edit” under “Community Rewards.”
6. Under “Find Your Organization,” enter the NPO number (67832) or name of the organization, then select “Search.” (Arts for All, Inc.)
7. Under “Select Your Organization,” click on the circle next to your organization.
8. Click “Enroll.”

If you have re-enrolled correctly, you should see a green box with “Your enrollment in the Community Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for participating!” You will also see the information listed under “Community Rewards” on your Account Summary page.

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